Marie Corelli portrait

Marie Corelli with lilies

Marie Corelli Centenary

Programme of Events

Monday 15 April
  • Talk to Stratford Society on Marie Corelli, conservationist,  by Dr Robert Bearman 

Sunday 21 April (3 pm)
  • Visit to Corelli's grave in Evesham Road Cemetery, with attendance by local dignitaries. Nick Birch to read poem and Kate Rolfe (mayor) to give short address and lay wreath
Saturday 4 May – Mason Croft
  • 9am - 4.30pm: Academic centenary conference managed by Jo Turner (Loughborough University) and Ellie Dobson (Birmingham University). Closed event (not open to the public)
  • 5pm - 7pm: Keynote speech by Professor MacLeod from Newcastle University on Corelli’s early twentieth century American magazine publications. Followed by Q&A roundtable event, chaired by Nick Birch, with Professor MacLeod, Jo Turner and Ellie Dobson. Limited access to members of the public by Zoom (Keynote speech) or in person (Keynote and Q&A). BOOK HERE

Sunday 5 May – Town Hall
Open to the public (timings below currently subject to change)
  • 11am - 12 noon: Lecture on Marie Corelli by Nick Birch 
  • 12 - 4.30 pm: Opportunity to visit exhibition in Harvard House
  • 2pm - 4.30pm: Ticketed (£5 per head) afternoon tea with sandwiches, tea and cake and a guest appearance by 'Marie Corelli' in costume
  • 5pm - 7.30pm: Staged reading of The Sorrows of Satan, possibly including music (with a short interval) 
  • Town trail around properties connected with Marie Corelli – date and time TBC 

Saturday 4 May to Monday 6 May Harvard House
  • Public exhibition of Marie Corelli related material
  • Exhibition on Marie Corelli's life in the public library in Henley Street