Books about transportation in and around Stratford

Stratford Blue

Robert L Telfer

Tempus, 2003, 256pp

A history of Stratford's local buses with their iconic blue and white livery

Stratford Canal

Nick Billingham

Tempus, 2002, 128pp

It may seem today to be a fairly modest rural canal, typical of many in the Midlands, but underneath its placid waters there flows a turbulent history...

A History of the Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway

R. C. Riley and Bill Simpson

Lamplight Publications, 1999, 160pp

As a small proud independent company in the centre of England, the SMJR often struggled to remain solvent but it was equally resourceful.

Stratford-upon-Avon Blue Motor Services Remembered

David Harvey

Allan T. Condie Publications, 1997, 104pp

Stratford Blue Motor Services provided the town and surrounding area of south Warwickshire with regular and efficient bus services from the mid-1920s until 1971. It was only when they were gone that even the non-bus enthusiast realised what an asset the town had lost.

An Illustrated History of the Stratford on Avon to Cheltenham Railway

Audie Baker

Irwell Press, 1994, 156pp

History of the railway line from Stratford to Cheltenham from its embryonic beginnings through to today's preservation efforts at Toddington

Shakespeare's Railways

John Boynton

Mid England Books, 1994, 96pp

History of the railway lines around Stratford since 1822

The Stratford & Moreton Tramway

John Norris

Railway & Canal Historical Society, 1987, 56pp

The remarkable and romantic story of a horse-powered rural railway that linked the Avon with the Cotswolds

The Honeybourne Line

Colin Maggs and Peter Nicholson

Line One Publishing, 1985, 96pp

The continuing story of the Cheltenham to Honeybourne and Stratford upon Avon Railway

Save the Stratford Canal!

Guy Johnson

David & Charles, 1983, 168pp

An account of the project over nearly 30 years to restore the Stratford Canal, the first ever to be re-opened by largely voluntary effort

The Stratford-upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway

Arthur Jordan

Oxford Railway Publishing Company, 1982, 136pp

The history of the 'Shakespeare line', running east-west from Blisworth on the London and Northwestern Railway to Broom Junction on the Midland Railway

The Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick Canals

Geoff Elwin and Cathleen King

Blackthorn Publications, 1981, 44pp

A detailed survey of the canals from Birmingham to Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick and Braunston, including nearby towns, villages and hamlets. Profusely illustrated with maps and drawings

The Stratford & Midland Junction Railway

J.M. Dunn

The Oakwood Press, 1977 (revised edition), 72pp

With only 76 miles of track and a never-ending struggle to get sufficient traffic, and always impecunious, the SMJR was a sure recipe for a history of interest and mystery.

Stratford upon Avon Canal Guide

J.R. Holliday

The Stratford upon Avon Canal Society, 1970 (8th edition), 50pp

History of the construction, decline and restoration of the canal, and a guide to navigation from Kingswood Junction to Stratford

Waterways to Stratford

Charles Hadfield and John Norris

David & Charles, 1962, 176pp

The history of three early transport lines to Stratford: (1) the Avon river from Tewkesbury to Stratford; (2) the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal from Birmingham; (3) the Stratford & Moreton tramway.