Evidence-based studies of the town

Finding Shakespeare's New Place

Paul Edmondson, Kevin Colls and William Mitchell

Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2016, 236pp

A biography of the house that was demolished over 250 years ago, based on findings of an archaeological dig from 2010 to 2015

Town Ordnance Survey Map 1885: 15 inches per mile (Reprint)

Barrie Trinder

Alan Godfrey Maps, 2015, 20pp

Scale reproduction of the original Ordinance Survey 1:2500 map, together with a brief history of the town and a directory of residents in 1896.

Archaeological Investigations in Stratford-upon-Avon

Arthur Marlowe

Fastprint, 2013, 89pp

Print-on-demand reproduction of the report on a ground survey in 1986 in the garden of the Arden Hotel at the corner of Waterside and Chapel Lane. Evidence was sought for Brook House, claimed by some to be where Shakespeare was born.

Stratford-upon-Avon Local Plan

Stratford District Council, 1984, 104pp

Plan by local government for the future development of the town, including population and housing, industry and employment, traffic and transport, retailing, environment, and tourism and leisure.

Roman Stratford: Excavations at Tiddington 1980-81

Nicholas Palmer

Warwickshire Museum, 1982, 22pp

Finds from an archaeological study on the large site in Tiddington, prior to the construction of the NFU headquarters building.

Archaeology and Development of Stratford-upon-Avon

T.R. Slater and C. Wilson

University of Birmingham, 1977, 51pp

Report by two researchers on the history and geography of the town, and the need for statutory protection of its archaeological heritage in the Local Authority planning system

Geology of the country around Stratford-upon-Avon and Evesham

B. J. Williams and A. Whittaker

HMSO, 1974, 127pp

Report by the Geological Survey of Great Britain on an area of 20 by 10 miles covering the Avon Valley to the south-west of Stratford. Highly detailed analysis of all rock types and their geological sequence.

The Avon Valley and the Cotswold Edge

Roy Millward and Adrian Robinson

Macmillan Education, 1971, 194pp

Three studies explaining distinctive themes in the history and geography of the area, in particular the Avon Valley from Stratford to Evesham. Part of a larger volume on The West Midlands, one of the Landscapes of Britain series.