Publications by the Stratford Society

Since the 1970s the Stratford Society has published the monographs listed below. All except the most recent are now out of print, but PDF scan files are available for download free of charge to members of the Society. 

We welcome proposals for well-researched publications on any aspect of the town and its history.

The Frieze: The Historic Spine

Robert Bearman and Paul Burley

Stratford Society, 2013, 72pp

Elegant booklet with beautiful fold-out drawings of the buildings on both sides of the road along Stratford's Historic Spine

Stratford-upon-Avon: A History of its Streets and Buildings

Robert Bearman

Second Edition, Stratford Society, 2007, 84pp

A detailed and authoritative look at the street layout and buildings of the historic market town, and analysis of the developments over the centuries

The Theatres of Stratford-upon-Avon 1875-1992

Marian J Pringle

Stratford Society, 1993, 107pp

An architectural history of the town's theatres, first the Memorial Theatre built in 1879 by Charles Flower, then the new Memorial Theatre built by Archibald Flower opened in 1932

The Market House Stratford-upon-Avon

Robert Bearman

Stratford Society, 1990, 32pp

The history of the Market House (now Barclay's Bank) at the top of Bridge Street, which so outraged public opinion before 1900 that its survival was 'nothing short of miraculous'

Lord Ronald Gower's Monument to Shakespeare

Michael Kimberley

Stratford Society, 1989, 46pp

The grand monument and its changing fortunes as Shakespeare was relocated from gazing across the theatre gardens toward the church to being marooned by the causeway overlooking the public car park

Shakespeare's Countryside

John Holliday (editor)

Stratford Society, 1988, 27pp with two large fold-out maps

Topographical description of the region surrounding Stratford and the features of the landscape that existed in Shakespeare's day

The Shrieve's House

Peta Ree

Stratford Society, 1987, 36pp

History of the glorious old house in Sheep Street with its mysterious side passage and courtyard

The Town Hall

Mairi Macdonald

Stratford Society, 1986, 34pp

The changing fortunes of the Town Hall, and the remarkable variety of uses to which it has been put since being reconstructed in 1768

Cause for Concern: Some Stratford Buildings

J.D.S. Huxley and Robert Bearman

Stratford Society, 1977, 36pp

The authors raise concerns about the threatened demolition of a number of historical buildings in the town, and regard with scepticism claims by developers that they are beyond restoration or unsuitable for conversion.