Books about the Institutions of Stratford

The Story of the Shakespeare Club of Stratford-upon-Avon 1824-2016

Susan Brock and Sylvia Morris

Shakespeare Club, 2016, 164pp

Stratford's Reluctant Charities: The story of the Guild and College estates

Richard Eggington

Stratford Town Trust, 2013, 56pp

King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakespeare's School

Richard Pearson

Gresham Books, 2008, 410pp

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust: A personal memoir

Levi Fox

Jarrold, 1997, 358pp

A History of Stratford Mop Fair

Nicholas Fogg

Bob Wilson & Sons, 1996, 24pp

An Illustrated History of the Stratford upon Avon Choral Society

Diana M. Brownhill

Bloomfield, 1985, 201pp

A Triumph of Hope: The story of the National Farmers Union

Victor Head

National Farmers Union, 1985, 125pp

Flashback: A pictorial history of the Royal Shakespeare Company 1879-1979

Micheline Steinberg

RSC Publications, 1985, 126pp

Stratford Mosaic: The Shakespeare Club and A Medley of Memories

Gerald Jaggard

Christopher Johnson, 1960, 176pp