Books about Holy Trinity Church and the Guild Chapel

Exploring Shakespeare's Church

Lindsay and Sandra MacDonald (editors)

IPN, 2021, 180pp

An edited collection of essays on aspects of Holy Trinity Church, with insights into how the medieval church influenced Shakespeare. A digital version of the complete book is available through open access, i.e. for free download.

Writing on Shakespeare's Walls

Pamela Devine

YouCaxton History, 2020, 101pp

Investigation of graffiti carved into the stonework of the Guild Chapel. If only the walls could talk...

Holy Trinity Church: A Taste of History

Ronnie Mulryne (editor)

Friends of Shakespeare's Church, Second Edition, 2019, 100pp

Collection of essays about the history and conservation of Holy Trinity Church, particularly in relation to Shakespeare. A digital version of the complete book is available through open access, i.e. for free download.

The Guild Chapel: The edge of doom

Pippa Brook (editor)

Stratford Town Trust, 2017, 24pp

Guide to the Guild Chapel and the medieval wall paintings above the chancel arch and on the west wall of the nave

800 Years: Ten lifetimes 1210-2010

Martin Gorick and Joy Leslie Gibson

Newman Books, 2013, 72pp

Stories about the history of the church, by the then vicar of Holy Trinity, now the Bishop of Dudley

The Guild and Guild Buildings of Shakespeare's Stratford

J. R. Mulryne (editor)

Ashgate, 2012, 270pp

Scholarly work about the medieval buildings of the Guild, including the Guild Chapel, the Guildhall, the Pedagogues House and the Almshouses

Shakespeare's Church

Val Horsler, Martin Gorick and Paul Edmondson

Third Millennium Publishing, 2010, 160pp

Marking the supposed 800th anniversary of Holy Trinity, a beautiful albeit somewhat idiosyncratic perambulation through the church's history

The Guild Chapel wall paintings at Stratford-upon-Avon

Clifford Davidson

AMS Press (New York), 1988, 60pp

Notes on the illustrations by Thomas Fisher of the medieval wall paintings uncovered in 1804

The Guild Chapel

Keith T Parker

Guild School Association, 1987, 24pp

Brief history of the Guild buildings, based on the work of Wilfrid Puddephat, former art master at the School

Trinity Tales

Patricia Wainwright

Parochial Church Council, 1983, 38pp

Some lesser known stories of Shakespeare's Church