Pandemics past and present

Nicholas Fogg

Monday 15 February, 6pm

Pandemics are nothing new in Stratford. Over the centuries generations of Stratfordians have faced the challenges presented by pandemics - the panic, the blame, the heroic responses. Are they Acts of God or the product of human failings? Nicholas Fogg will examine the different ways in which the townsfolk have responded to such crises and whether there are any parallels with our response to the current Covid outbreak.

Nicholas Fogg was born in Stratford and educated at Warwick School and the Universities of Nottingham, Oxford and London. He has had a varied career in social work, journalism and as a teacher at Marlborough College. He is an expert on Shakespeare’s life, his works and the history of Stratford-upon-Avon, and has written and lectured widely on these subjects. He is a Fellow of Queen’s University, Ontario.