Protecting the heritage of our historic market town


Why Join?

People join the Society because they care about Stratford-upon-Avon and want to learn about its past, appreciate its present state and participate in shaping its future. By becoming a member you can help to influence decisions on planning, transport and parking, shopping and leisure facilities, and all the aspects of development that help to maintain the character of this unique market town.

You will made aware of potential developments and have an opportunity to meet with developers and decision makers to hear their views and let them hear yours.

You will learn about the history of Stratford and the surrounding area through our fascinating talks, events and study trips.

Your membership will give you the opportunity to:

• Influence the way that the local authorities deal with heritage and the built environment;

• Prevent unsympathetic developments in the town by promoting good quality design;

• Contribute to special projects that improve the attractiveness of the town;

• Enjoy a regular programme of talks that focus attention on important heritage and planning issues facing the town;

• Take part in meetings, seminars, visits and study tours, to see how other historic towns achieve their aims.

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