Stratford in the National Census

Mairi Macdonald – Former Head of Local Collections, SBT
Sally Bannister – Community Engagement Manager, ONS

Monday 15 March, 6pm

2021 is Census year. Every ten years since 1801 the nation has set aside one day for the Census – a count of all people and households in England and Wales. It provides the most complete snapshot of the population – of age, employment, household size, and ethnic background. It has been held every decade except for 1941, during the Second World War. The last Census was held in 2011.

The Census Day is Sunday 21st March 2021. But the 2021 headcount could be the UK's last, with future population counts being carried out in other cheaper – and easier – ways. We now live our lives so digitally that those digital footprints could be used instead. It would be a far cry from the 1801 census carried out by officials using only pen and paper.

The video of the presentation may be viewed on the Stratford Society's YouTube channel. For more information about the census, click here