Traffic congestion in Stratford Stephen Norrie

Getting cars off the road

Stephen Norrie – Stratford Climate Action

Monday 17 January, 6.00 pm

To meet the emissions targets needed to limit climate breakdown to liveable levels, and to improve air quality, we need to reduce the number of cars on the road. But building new roads and road capacity tends to increase the number of cars. There is now a large academic literature on this problem of ‘induced travel demand’. Our approach to transport needs to move beyond the vicious cycle of building roads to ease congestion, that generates more congestion and so more road-building. Dr Norrie explains these issues, and some of the directions a better transport policy should take.

Dr Stephen Norrie is Chair of Stratford Climate Action, and has been involved in climate campaigning since 2018. He led the campaign to get local councils to declare a Climate Emergency, and has helped to organise events, protests, consultation responses, and lobbying local politicians. Most recently, he has worked to develop Stratford Climate Action’s Pledge for the Planet Campaign.

Stephen provided his presentation slidesThe video of his presentation may be viewed on the Stratford Society's YouTube channel.