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Society View On Replacing Tree in Chestnut Walk
Refurbishment 11/2007 and Initial Project 2004

The initial work on the Society's Chestnut Walk refurbishment scheme is now complete and members are invited to take a look at it to see what we have managed to achieve with help from George Pragnell & Son (funding) and Dudfields (selection of plants).  The hard labour was contributed by Ian & Jennifer Heggie
Initial Project

For some time the Society has been concerned about the condition of the trees in Chestnut Walk and the generally run down state of the road. Several trees have died and another two or three are on their last legs. Following a letter from a “concerned citizen,” the Society took up the matter with the County Council who own the land alongside Chestnut Walk. Society members and County Council staff (including the County tree surgeon) met on site and agreed that the trees were in a terrible state and that the entire area had become a bit of an eyesore.

The County Council is due to undertake some work in Chestnut Walk as part of the program to charge for on-street parking and decriminalise parking enforcement. The original proposal envisaged putting down a black-top surface with white lines and removing the dead trees. However, after a constructive discussion with the Society, the County agreed that their budget for decriminalisation could cover the costs of grinding out the old tree stumps, digging holes and planting new trees, replacing tree grills and repairing the street furniture (there is a rather quaint wrought iron seat around one of the trees). They would attempt to replace the back-top with gravel, provided it could be shown to be consistent with the regulations, but could not absorb the costs of purchasing six new semi-mature trees. The Society therefore applied to the Town Trust for a grant and we were awarded £750 to cover the cost of the trees. In addition, the County will also be replacing the lamp columns in Chestnut Walk with swan neck lamps to enhance the overall character of the road.

A small plaque will be erected nearby to recognise the Society’s role in replacing the trees with generous support from the Town Trust. The replacement work will start in the autumn and there will be a small ceremony before Christmas to unveil the commemorative plaque.